Best Betting Apps in UK for 2022: Our top 10

Have a look at some of the best betting apps in the UK right now, fully updated for .

A snapshot of the UK’s hottest betting apps

Having the option to enjoy your favorite betting sites from a native mobile app is a huge thing these days. Being able to play or bet from an app gives you complete freedom of location, greater betting convenience, and a whole bunch of other benefits. We will look at all of this throughout this piece, but for now, check out the top 10 betting apps in the UK right now:

Betfred – introducing the bonus king of the UK market

betfred sports app

When UK punters think of the Betfred brand, they’ll likely think of all the promotions advertised in Betfred’s hundreds of betting shops up and down the UK. However, this brand is gaining some serious steam when it comes to sports betting, as there are a significant number of sports covered by Betfred, and the odds are reasonable.

Betfred currently covers around 30 different sports on its site, and it often has great market depth for tennis, football, basketball, and horse racing events, This site also supports live streaming for a growing number of sports, and you can also find weekly sports betting promotions.

Bethard – taking your sports betting to new heights

bethard app screenshots

Bethard might not be as gigantic as some of the other brands on this list, but it’s a site that really does deserve a bit more credit than it gets. From a rather slick and chic looking mobile app, you can wager on approximately 25 different sports, and the odds are respectable across the board. You can also bet on the live markets, but as of yet, there isn’t any live streaming.

What you’ll love about this app however, is that you can check out recent results, team/individual statistics, and see what Bethard community members have posted about upcoming markets – all from the app.

Bet365 – one of the most sophisticated apps available

bet365 mobile

Whichever team of developers put the Bet365 app together really has raised the bar for the entire industry. We’ve yet to come across another app that boasts such a supreme level of quality and functionality like the Bet365 app does. It is available for iOS and Android downloads, and you can live stream thousands of sports each year from the app.

Not only that, but you can also partially cash-out sports bets, place wagers in the live markets within seconds, and check out upcoming events months in advance. It really is an app that all others should use as the benchmark for quality.

Ladbrokes – a classic horse racing and football betting brand

ladbrokes iphone app

Ladbrokes is always teaming up with celebrities and other athletes to promote its sports betting products. This shows that the brand has a rather impressive budget, but it’s good to see that a solid portion of this budget has gone into constructing a top-level betting app. Ladbrokes is just an awesome site for football and horse racing betting, and it even has a best odds guarantee for horse racing markets.

You may also cash-out bets, utilize features like enhanced odds, and live stream events to get the best experience possible.

William Hill – continues to impress and develop in

william hill uk app

Few sites on the market today can come close to the recognition and respect that William Hill has in the UK. It’s almost like royalty when it comes to the betting industry, and the mobile app for this brand is just awesome. Much like other sites, William Hill has a strong focus on horse racing, but there are more than 25 different sports in total for members to bet on here.

NetBet – smaller site, but still packs a considerable punch

netbet app uk

NetBet might not have the same colossal range of sports or a huge number of markets as industry leaders do, but everything about this site just screams professionalism. The app has such a cool color scheme of grey and dark red blends, and this is used expertly to highlight various markets and odds.

On the app, you can build your own bets, add wagers to an existing bet, look at recent results, place flash bets, and much more.

Genting Bet – an up and coming star 

genting bet

Genting Bet should really be up there with the bigger players in the UK right now. It’s got a great selection of popular UK sports, the odds are relatively competitive, there’s constant reload offers, and there’s even free betting insights on the app. The major drawback here is that there isn’t any live streaming as of yet.

Coral – all-around greatness at your fingertips

coral ios mobile app

From the Coral mobile app, you’ll be greeted by one of the most extensive and superior sportsbooks in the UK. We didn’t even know that there were that many sports on the planet until using the Coral app, which just shows you how huge it is. You can bet on everything from World Cup soccer to Water Polo on this site, so we can almost guarantee there will be a sport that you’d like to bet on here.

888 Sport – an absolute powerhouse of the market

888 sports uk app

This brand seems to just be all over the place lately. It’s got a presence in some of the greatest sports leagues in the world in terms of sponsorships, and it’s fair to say that you don’t get that kind of recognition for nothing. This sportsbook is bursting with events, hundreds of markets on occasion, and some very enticing reload bonuses.

Paddy Power – the pride of Ireland, and horse racing


If you fancy a tipple on the races, Paddy Power is the site for you. It’s the bookmaker that covers the most horse racing events out of any other, and it streams every single one of them. You can also bet on other sports with Paddy Power, but the horse racing offerings are just phenomenal.

So, just how do you select the best betting apps?

best betting apps for UK

Welcome bonus

Choosing an app that has a great welcome offer is just essential in today’s market. There’s no reason at all to settle for a site that has a mediocre bonus, and plus, it just gives you a good feeling when a bookmaker allows you to kick things off with a quick-fire reward. Whether it’s a no deposit bonus, a risk-free bet, a deposit match, or anything else, the best betting apps will have one, if not several of these options on the table.

Range of sports

Every sports bettor likes to bet on different things, it’s only logical. You may absolutely love betting on tennis, your friend may love betting on basketball, and another may love betting on handball – who knows. The bottom line is that by choosing a betting app with multiple sports available, you are keeping the door open for variety, and potentially, sport-specific bonuses.

Live streaming capabilities

This has become a hugely important feature recently, as sports bettors now almost expect that they will be able to live stream events from an app. It makes sense really, as you aren’t always going to be sat at home by the time an important event comes around. The best apps out there have almost flawless streaming, hundreds if not thousands of events available, and won’t charge you for each event streamed.

Cash-out options

It can be fairly nerve-racking when an event is coming to a close yet your profit could disappear in an instant. This is where cash-out options come into play, for they give you the chance to take out all of the profit without waiting for the conclusion of a game.

Steps to follow for downloading your favorite apps

betting-apps on iOS and google play

Choose your favorite betting site

This one might be a little obvious, but before you even begin enjoying mobile app betting, you need to choose your site. Simply look through the features available and see how they line up with what you are looking for before making a decision.

Create an account

When you have decided on a site, it’s time to create your account. This can be done from the main desktop site or through the mobile app – it’s entirely up to you. You’ll have to provide a few key details like date of birth, name, and address, but then you’ll be good to go.

Download the app

If you have an iOS device, you can simply search for the name of the site you’ve signed up to and download the app from the App Store. If you have an Android device, you must search for the app in the Google Play Store, and you will need to ‘trust’ the file before downloading it, which your phone will prompt you to do.

Start betting

Now you’ve downloaded the app you’re ready to roll, but since you’ll be wagering with real money, you’ll need real money in your account balance. To do this you must visit the deposits section, pick the desired payment method, enter an amount you’d like to deposit, and then you’re all set.

FAQs – all you need to know about the best betting apps

mobile betting offers

Are these apps available for most operating systems?

They aren’t available for every single operating system, but you’ll usually find that major sites have an app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS. These are the most common forms, but you may also find apps that are compatible with Windows too.

Do mobile betting apps work on tablets too?

Absolutely – depending on the operating system of your tablet, you will be able to download the app just like you would do from your mobile device. This can be done directly from the App Store if you have an iPad, and from the Google Play store if your device runs an Android operating system.

Are there any mobile-specific bonuses with the top sites?

Sure, but not always. Some sites out there are actively encouraging people to start using the native app more, therefore they will post mobile-specific bonuses to encourage more downloads. All this means for you is that you can get your hands on more exciting offers.

Where can I find out about the promotions I can get?

You can often find out about any site’s promotions before even signing up, but sometimes you can only see the full scope of promotions once you’ve actually registered. Either way, there will always be a link to promotions/offers/bonuses on the app, and it is here when you can find what is available, and what you are eligible for.

Are there any recommended payment methods for securing welcome offers?

Yes, many sites now specifically state that you must make your first deposit through the use of a debit card in order to qualify for a welcome offer. This isn’t always the case, but if you aren’t too sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry and just use a debit card for the initial deposit.

Where can I check a site’s legal status before downloading the app?

You will usually find a betting site’s license on the homepage somewhere, and it’s often at the very bottom. Since these sites are operating in the UK, it’s important to check for a license that has been issued by the UK Gambling Commission, as this displays full legal rights.

Do these apps always have every product in one?

No, some sites have separated apps according to products. For example, if a site has multiple betting categories such as sports, casino, bingo, or poker, there may be a separate app that you must download for each one.

Can I play casino games using my full-screen on these apps?

Yes, the vast majority of sites have incorporated this ability. Most of the time, all you need to do is rotate the device that you are using into a landscape position, and this should automatically switch the game to full-screen play.

How will I know if live streaming for sports is supported on the app?

Easy – just check out the sportsbook first of all, and you may need to go the live betting or in-play, and it is here that you will see if certain sporting events can be viewed on your device.

Will I usually need to download other things too to access all of the products?

No, as mobile apps these days have largely been built with the use of HTML5 coding, which is a relatively modern way of designing games that specifically removes the need to download external software.